Walk-ins are always welcome, however we encourage making an appointment. This gives the artist time to draw up a custom piece (if needed) and ensures you are able to get the tattoo you want on a certain day. All appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $50.00. This goes towards the tattoo and will be deducted from the final cost. A tattoo can be rescheduled as many times as necessary if you need to change the day or time. Some artists have a larger deposit depending on the artwork required.       


The shop minimum is $60.00.  The price can very depending on the time involved or the size of the tattoo. Large tattoos can be done in many sessions and each one a separate charge or a flat rate depending on the artist. Our shop Hourly rate is $125. per hr. Some artists in the shop charge a flat rate per tattoo. We take Credit Cards but of course prefer cash.    

Bringing Guests:

All guests are required to behave and treat the shop with respect. We ask that you limit the amount of guests to two (2). Children are a hazard at a tattoo shop. They are in an area that can have blood, needles, and biological contaminants around. therefore we ask that they be left at home (unless there for an ear piercing) for the child's safety.  If a child is brought in and can not be controlled or properly parented, we may ask that child and parent to leave. Please do not take chairs and things from artist booths. If you need something, just ask.  


All artists are independent contractors. Therefore they set their own rules, guidelines, and prices. Feel free to talk with each of them and see who you might feel a connection with.